Company Updates Feb 22nd 2022

You Spoke, We Listened!

Here at My Office Help, our entire purpose is to help you as business owners create more freedom, in whatever form that takes for you as an individual client. With that in mind, we’ve been polling, cajoling, questioning, and taking on board all of the feedback you’ve provided us over the last 12 months and incorporating it into our development of new systems, processes, and efficiencies here at My Office Help.

We can best serve you when communication is a fast-flowing two-way street, with feedback coming as quickly as you’re able or willing to provide it so that we can deliver the most custom and relevant service to help you create more freedom to achieve your goals.

We have continued to progress the development of our custom proprietary platform MOE.0 to be better able to serve you, and we’ve undergone an extensive series of channel optimization changes that have allowed us to free up more time to focus on increased reaction times, greater coherence in messaging and brand, and ensuring that we are always looking out for your bottom line.

We continue to encourage, and look for your feedback to help as we continue to grow, to ensure that we not only deliver our same consistent outstanding levels of service but grow from strength to strength in supporting your freedoms.

Andrew Robinson, Chief Operations Officer


In August of 2020 we launched the first version of our customized software platform “MOE”, which provides call statistics, booking and conversion rates, as well as marketing origination. This was in response to feedback concerning the expense associated with platforms like Call Rail which offer spotty integration with Housecall Pro.

Since then we have undergone extensive changes. We introduced the reinvigorated MOE.0 which allowed us to invite you, our clients to come into the platform and experience a more interactive relationship with us in real time. We have further refined that on both front and back ends and are on the cusp of some incredibly exciting things. First though, a breakdown of what is already live in our system:

  • Full marketing origination integrated with HCP tags
  • Live call updates to your email with every call received, including a summary of each call inbound and out. This is further refined with the ability now to produce custom reports daily and weekly to provide you with specific KPIs relevant to your individual needs
  • Estimate follow-up services that can be tracked internally to show our progress in real-time with notes. We are currently in the process of moving this directly into MOE.0 with our Workspace release that will provide a kanban style interface allowing you to not only see what we are doing with follow-up, but also interact with commentary and add your own tasks for us.
  • We have introduced the ability to add your team to MOE.0, both in the field and in the office to enable them to view call data and reporting as needed
  • We have introduced a full-service call logging database that allows you to see full call summaries live on the platform and search for entries using any field for reference
  • Customized reports to your email daily/weekly/monthly providing updates on conversion, booking rates, marketing origination, and more
  • Integrated service mapping and call information sheets that allow you to both see and edit the documents and resources we use to manage your scheduling and dispatch
  • The ability to request services directly through the application if you want to adjust your package or add/remove a la carte services

This quarter marks our most ambitious additions to the project to date, with some incredible feature sets that not only benefit our team here at the office, but address many of the concerns and complaints we see so often from Housecall Pro Users:

  • FULL integration with Housecall Pro, allowing us to schedule directly through the MOE.0 platform, including the ability to add skillsets and define technicians availability and job types within MOE.0, which will enable us to virtually eliminate mistakes by being able to define booking criteria in ways no one has yet been able to achieve. This also introduces an Artificial Intelligence module that will suggest potential scheduling dates and times based on preset criteria unique to your needs
  • FULL integration with our call center VoIP platform. This will allow us to automatically, quickly, and efficiently access the customer database and pull the customer up on our screen with all their information before we’ve even finished greeting the customer. We will also be able to push call histories directly to Housecall Pro, allowing you and your team to see a full call record.
  • Enhanced integration with messaging and notations that will allow us to push call summaries directly into job and customer notes so that you can see a full record of call summaries for each customer either in their customer notes or their job notes if relating to an existing job
  • The ability to text and manage texting campaigns without limitations and from YOUR OWN COMPANY NUMBER and not the “almost but not quite” provided by housecall. This includes the ability still to maintain full notification functionality OMW/Start/Finish etc while being able to use your own number and maintain everything within a single application through our partnership with Emitrr, a fully integrated HCP solution

Further, we have even more coming down the pipeline throughout this year, including some brand new technologies that aren’t yet in service anywhere

  • Full service projection and growth modeling
  • Budget reconciliation and planning through MOE.0
  • Technician tracking for closing rates, commission, and productivity
  • Integration with Quickbooks Online to provide a full service payroll platform that can make payroll a breeze and complete spiff and payout calculations automatically according to your unique model
  • Client back-end services that will allow those of you with office staff to truly become integrated by creating your own backend solution to access the same logging/booking/automation features and payroll that we at My Office Help have. This is the missing piece in the HCP puzzle that will allow you to truly integrate your business. This can be added to existing plans, and even broken off as its own independant account should you decide that in-house is the way to go

With more than $100,000 invested in this process, MOE.0 is our most ambitious growth project to date, and puts us at the cutting edge of the virtual office space, with a focused team specializing JUST in Housecall Pro.

Keep Doing what you do Best, Let us Handle the Rest

As we continue to grow, we will continue to reward the loyalty of our clients with bonuses, sneak peaks, preferential pricing, and perk programs that will provide discounts and rewards as well as free beta service. Without you, we are nothing, and we look forward to you helping us grow to best serve you in always creating more freedom to pursue your passions, your dreams, and your goals.

About the Author: Jason Shadowen

With over two and a half decades of experience as an Electrician and owner of Service Detectives, Jason Shadowen brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Jason heads up our marketing and vendor partnership development. We like to call him “The Wizard of Light Bulb Moments”. Known for his exceptional sales skills and mentoring, Jason works closely with home service companies to advance their training programs and grow their businesses. His expertise as a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and DISC Certified Instructor makes him the ideal partner to help take your business to the next level.

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