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At My Office Help, we believe in the power of collaboration and shared expertise. We understand that every aspect of your business requires a specialized set of skills to truly excel, and we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive solutions. This is why we’ve cultivated relationships with leading companies in the home service industry. Our partners are experts in their respective fields, offering services that complement and enhance our own. Together, we bring you the most effective, productive, and seamless operational solutions to support your business growth. Explore our top certified partners and recommended organizations.

Building Strong Partnerships

At My Office Help, we firmly believe in the power of partnerships. As a top partner to some of the most respected names in the service industry, we are recognized leaders in offering top-tier virtual office solutions, particularly for service companies.

We provide comprehensive back-office support for various home service industries, whether your specialty is appliance repair, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, pest control, or beyond. Our robust partnerships allow us access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative best practices. This collaboration enables us to enhance operational efficiency and customer experiences, delivering exceptional virtual office services to our clients.

Our team has vetted all of the partners and services listed below, and we can stand behind the quality of their services.

We have cultivated relationships with some of the most effective and productive names in the industry to bring you our top certified partner organizations.



Everything you need to ditch the chaotic “Old-School” workflows that steal your time and money.
Purpose built management platform for the tree care and landscaping industry.
Works perfectly for fast-growing, family operated businesses.
Full onboarding and continuous support by SingleOps’ US-based customer success team.


Service Works

Service.Works revolutionizes business operations by offering a comprehensive service management platform that optimizes workflows, elevates customer experiences, and boosts productivity.

It streamlines various aspects of service operations, including appointment scheduling, technician dispatching, job tracking, part ordering, part tracking, inventory management and warranty management. The platform facilitates seamless communication among team members, customers, and stakeholders, enabling real-time updates and collaboration. With powerful data insights, businesses can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and capitalize on opportunities. Service.Works prioritizes customer satisfaction through personalized experiences and automated reminders. It offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to businesses of all sizes, backed by industry-leading technology and exceptional support. With cost-effective pricing plans and a proven track record, Service.Works stands out as a trusted partner for businesses seeking growth and efficiency. Embrace the future of service management with Service.Works and unlock your business’s full potential today. Schedule a demo to experience the Service.Works difference and propel your success journey forward.

Go to Service.Works to find out more information. Be sure to ask for the My Office Help discount!


Service Alliance Group

Service Alliance Group is a leading alliance that addresses quality deficiencies in home service industry associations, encompassing Appliance Repair, Electrical, and Plumbing sectors. It empowers service companies to reach their highest professional potential, offering a vast range of resources such as the world’s largest standard operating procedures library, appliance tech sheets, service manuals library, courses, member webinars, events, and vendor discount programs.


Encompass Parts

With six decades of experience, Encompass has established itself as a leading supplier of original replacement parts for consumer electronics, appliances, HVAC, computer, and imaging products. Operating as an authorized supplier for top brands, they combine the efficiency of a leading industry player with the personalized customer service akin to small local companies, positioning themselves as a trusted and reliable “home away from home” for all your service parts needs.

ITDwebdesign Logo 200H 400x147 1 300x110 1

ITD Web Design champions the significance of a website as the cornerstone of your digital footprint. Their tailored web design services focus on crafting engaging, SEO-optimized websites that reflect your brand’s values and goals, fuel customer trust, drive traffic, and enhance sales. Their seasoned team understands the key role of a distinct and well-designed website in business success and commits to delivering a standout product.

Workiz 1


Workiz is a budget-friendly Field Service Management platform, offering capabilities similar to Service Titan but at a fraction of the cost. Specifically designed for often overlooked industries like locksmithing, various cleaning services, and other smaller home service sectors, it includes scheduling dispatch, comprehensive inventory support with automatic adjustments, robust lead management, and texting and VoIP functionality. Its customizable skill-based scheduling system is a standout feature, efficiently matching job types to available technicians with the appropriate skills, avoiding misdispatches. Moreover, My Office Help clients who sign up with Workiz receive exclusive discounts and direct support, with unified lead management through MOE.0 integration.

Jobber 1


Jobber revolutionizes dispatching systems by offering a streamlined, user-friendly platform that assists from lead generation to final payment. Its unique features include an automated notifications system, customizable routing based on technician skill level and availability, and an efficient scheduling mechanism. With a full-service dispatch map, Jobber provides a visual overview of technicians’ schedules, enhancing productivity. Additionally, My Office Help clients are offered exclusive discounts and direct support when signing up with Jobber, complemented by unified lead management through the MOHP integration.

Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor

Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor

At My Office Help, we pride ourselves on being a Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks, the industry-leading accounting software. This certification means we have undergone rigorous training and have demonstrated expertise in utilizing QuickBooks to its fullest potential. By choosing us for your bookkeeping needs, you’re ensuring precision, efficiency, and a comprehensive understanding of your financial landscape. Our certification is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled accounting services, guaranteeing that your business’s financial matters are in the most qualified hands. With My Office Help, you get more than just bookkeeping; you get peace of mind.



Emitrr, a robust texting platform, and VoIP system, is a game-changer in the CRM space with a vast range of features such as automated follow-ups, job reminders, webchat, intelligent response bots, and more. Its unique integration with Housecall Pro stands unrivaled, offering direct access to customer databases, texting and phone histories, and scheduling from within Emitrr. The system provides a comprehensive view of upcoming jobs and balances, with continuous enhancements planned. Emitrr also centralizes messaging by integrating Webchat, Facebook, and Google messengers into one inbox. Despite its expansive services, Emitrr remains competitively priced in the home services industry. My Office Help clients enjoy exclusive discounts, with Emitrr included for free in the top-tier plan, allowing for direct texting from your office number without needing porting.

Big Picture Logo

The Big Picture Consulting

Big Picture Consulting specializes in personalized HR and Safety compliance solutions to ensure smooth company operations while safeguarding long-term business interests. With over 12 years of experience assisting home service-based providers such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies, their expertise extends to creating company handbooks, payroll compliance, multi-state guidance, safety programs, and employee management. The goal is to empower businesses with crucial HR and safety-related resources, enabling them to make informed decisions and tackle compliance vulnerabilities. Big Picture’s services also include advice on technician paycheck deductions, handling hygiene and attendance issues, and understanding the impact of out-of-state operations on payroll and policies.

Housecall Pro certified partner

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that streamlines the workflow for home service professionals in the U.S and Canada, providing a range of digital tools for job scheduling, payment management, and marketing automation. With over 17,000 customers, it aims to empower businesses through additional features like service agreement management, a full texting suite for customer updates, and robust integration with platforms such as QuickBooks Online and MOE.0. Housecall Pro stands out due to its cost-effective pricing structure and comprehensive services, making it a top choice for businesses under $5 million. Its benefits include a team of experts for technical assistance and integration with MOE.0 software, positioning it as a unique, high-efficiency virtual platform in the home services space.


Rossware – ServiceDesk

Rossware’s ServiceDesk is a comprehensive, Windows-based field service management solution that assists businesses in managing their tasks and customers and tracking team efforts. With over 30 years of industry presence, it is uniquely utilized by thousands of users across the US. ServiceDesk offers many features, including a mobile tech app, payment systems, cloud-based hosting, and manufacturer plugins, all available for a single purchase price. Additional benefits include integrating scheduling and dispatch directly into the system, reducing the need for additional users, and direct cooperation with US-based in-house teams.

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Why settle for a written review from your happiest clients when they can give you a video review instead. SoTellUs is the only verified video review platform in the world that gets you video reviews from your “Super Fans” in less than 30 seconds. We all know that consumers prefer video over written content and now you can use the power of video to showcase the 5 star service your clients experience compared to your competitors. Which would you prefer?

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Value of Partnerships

At My Office Help, we understand the value of partnership. Our success in providing virtual office solutions for home service companies is due to our expertise, experience, and strong collaborations with industry leaders and strategic alliances. These partnerships have enabled us to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

By forging relationships with top organizations such as Service Alliance Group, Workiz, Rossware, Housecall Pro, Emitrr, and others, we have gained access to the latest technologies, best practices, and innovative solutions. This allows us to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience.

When you choose My Office Help, you get a virtual office team of experts who understand the home services industry. Our strategic alliances give us valuable insights into the inner workings of businesses like yours, enabling us to customize our services to meet your specific requirements. This level of understanding ensures you receive exceptional support tailored to your needs.

Through our partnerships, we can offer complete services and solutions for home service companies, from administrative tasks to customer service and bookkeeping. Our partnerships provide us with the tools and resources necessary to support your business comprehensively.