Company Updates June 14th 2021

You Spoke, We Listened!

Here at My Office Help, our entire purpose is dedicated towards helping you as business owners create more freedom, in whatever form that takes for you as an individual client. With that in mind, we’ve been polling, cajoling, questioning, and taking on board all of the feedback you’ve provided us over the last six months since first launching our accountability surveys.

We can best serve you when communication is a fast flowing two way street, with feedback coming as quickly as you’re able or willing to provide it, so that we can deliver the most custom and relevant service to help you create more freedom to achieve your goals.

We listened, we’ve taken on board everything that has been offered concerning the levels of service, services clients would like to see included, and how best we can refine those services already offered. In April of 2021, we began the development of an adapted business and service model best designed to facilitate your feedback. The current phase of re-development is slated for completion in September of 2021, with a number of new features, offerings, and services that no other competitor in this space can match, for a price that will blow all competition out of the water.

We continue to encourage, and look for your feedback to help as we continue to grow, to ensure that we not only deliver our same consistent outstanding levels of service, but grow from strength to strength in supporting your freedoms.

Andrew Robinson, Operations Manager


In August of 2020 we launched the first version of our customized software platform “MOE”, which provides call statistics, booking and conversion rates, as well as marketing origination. This was in response to feedback concerning the expense associated with platforms like Call Rail which offer spotty integration with Housecall Pro.

From MOE
MOE0 1

To MOE.0

Unlike MOE, which was a standalone application, MOE.0 will be 100% integrated with Housecall Pro, allowing us to schedule directly through MOE.0 using Housecall’s Integration API technology. As well as tracking live statistics, MOE.0 will include a vast array of added features, making it a true add-on to HCP, and not merely a complementary software platform:

  • Full marketing origination integrated with HCP tags
  • Live call updates to your email with every call received, including a summary of each call inbound and out
  • Estimate follow-up services that can be tracked internally to show our progress in real-time with notes
  • The ability to assign projects and follow-ups through the software at your leisure
  • The ability to rent some or all of the features of the program for your own internal teams of techs/office staff to manage your business independent of My Office Help
  • Customized reports to your email daily/weekly/monthly providing updates on conversion, booking rates, marketing origination, and more!
  • Integrated on-boarding systems that allow you to set up technicians, office staff, and management to allow everyone on the team to access individual features
  • Integrated time tracking systems that allow you to manage payroll needs
  • Integrated human resources features, including digital file-keeping
  • The ability to chat live through the mobile app with your team

With more than $60,000 invested in this process, MOE.0 is our most ambitious growth project to date, and puts us at the cutting edge of the virtual office space, with a focused team specializing JUST in Housecall Pro.

Business Development Coaching & Support

With decades of experience managing successful businesses, growing and adapting to challenges of every type both in and out of the home services industry, the executive management team at My Office Help is able to offer professional support to our clients in continuing to develop their business, avoid the common pitfalls that all small businesses face in growth, and establish foundational systems upon which to build your dream, whether that be two trucks or a multi-million dollar empire. Where do you need help and what will help you best create your freedom?

  • Foundational SOP’s
  • Back office development
  • Back-end systems development, growth, and management
  • Leadership best practices in a post-COVID world
  • Inventory management systems and practices
  • Financial and book-keeping support
  • Business growth roadmaps
  • Foundational business practices, including mission/vision/purpose statement development
  • Core Values and how to best apply them to both internal and external customers
  • Marketing and building an online presence through effective and efficient new media strategies
  • QuickBooks Online setup, management, integration with Housecall, and maintenance through the year for best tax preparation practices

Partnerships for Shared Growth

Over decades in the home services industry, we have developed professional partnerships with some of the finest business coaching groups and human resources teams in the United States, specializing in nothing but the home services space. With executive introductions, we can put you in touch with specialists who have extensive and proven track records of building, managing, and growing home service businesses.

What makes us qualified to help? We’ve not only succeeded, but we’ve also failed, and have been able to turn those failures into the kind of learning experiences that have produced successful multi-generational businesses. At My Office Help it is never just an office that we can provide, but advice, counsel, experience, and wisdom in both success and failure.

Keep Doing what you do Best, Let us Handle the Rest

As we continue to grow, we will continue to reward the loyalty of our clients with bonuses, sneak peaks, and perk programs that will provide discounts and rewards. Without you, we are nothing, and we look forward to you helping us grow to best serve you in always creating more freedom to pursue your passions, your dreams, and your goals.

About the Author: Jason Shadowen

With over two and a half decades of experience as an Electrician and owner of Service Detectives, Jason Shadowen brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Jason heads up our marketing and vendor partnership development. We like to call him “The Wizard of Light Bulb Moments”. Known for his exceptional sales skills and mentoring, Jason works closely with home service companies to advance their training programs and grow their businesses. His expertise as a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and DISC Certified Instructor makes him the ideal partner to help take your business to the next level.

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